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Culture Dance / Kandy

here are three major styles of Sri Lankan classical dances as the Kandyan dances from the Hill Country, known as Uda Rata Natum, the low country dances , known as Pahatha Rata Natum and Sabaragamuwa dances in Sabaragamuwa province.

These forms are different in body-movements, costumes and in the shape and size of the drums use to provide rhythmic sound. In present Kandyan dancing considered as the classical dance of Sri Lanka. In Sanskrit terminology it is considered as a pure dance and it come up with a highly developed method of "thala" (rhythm), which emerges from "Thalam Pataa". There are five distinct types of dances in Kandyan dance as ves, naiyandi, uddekki, pantheru, and vannams. The drum used in Kandyan dancing is known as the Geta Bera, the drum in low country dancing as the "Yak Bera", and drum in Sabaragamu dancing as the "Davula" . The characteristic feature of low country dance is dancers wear masks.
In addition, folk dances like Winnowing fan dance, Water sport dance are also prominent in cultural events like processions.