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Wild life Safari at national parks / Yala/Minneriya

Many ask why they should choose wildlife safari trips to Sri Lanka over other countries, the following factors justifies it perfectly. Wildlife of Sri Lanka is a biodiversity hot spot,having many interesting titles and recognitions under its name. This isle with the maximum height and width of 435km and 225km respectively includes 07 bird sanctuaries and 09 Natural parks, of which the world!s largest density of Leopards are comfortably laid back in Yala National Park. Minneriya National Park plays the proud host for the largest gathering of wild elephants who comes to play and drink water from the Minneriya Reservoir. There are many reasons to engage in eco-tourism and wildlife in Sri Lanka, but the list topper is that you are able to behold both the sea and land giants, in just a matter of hours apart. Experience the nature with exclusive safari Sri Lanka. You!ll relies that Paradise is not a myth, a hallucination... it is alive in wildlife of Sri Lanka, where the colorful high density of endemic species and virgin forests conspires to steal your breath away.